KitchenAid Artisan Mixer – A Review

KitchenAid Artisan

Have you been searching online sources or stores for the best mixer available? A mixer that can do everything you need and even more? A mixer, that would last as almost as long as you would? Or maybe just enough till you are unable to bake anymore?

Well I would boldly say that this mixer is definitely within your reach, and I assure you that every other veteran baker or Patisserie would swear to this mixer. This mixer is none other than the KitchenAid Artisan. An Iconic mixer which has lasted the test of time and constant baking, it is no surprise to find these mixers in the kitchens of professionals.

Powerful and Convenient for Your Daily Baking
The KitchenAid Artisan is a stand mixer, and as you all know a stand mixer is capable of having a large and powerful motor, and this is no exception to this best stand mixer as it houses a 325 watt motor that is capable of mixing through the hardest and most dense batter material out there, I even used it to fold my cookie dough.

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Different Blenders to Suit Your Everyday Needs

A high quality blender is one of the most versatile appliances you can have in your kitchen. With these appliances, you can crush ice, pulse vegetables, whip smoothies, heat soup and more. Blenders come in a variety of designs, including the popular glass jar blenders and handheld blenders. You can also choose the power of your blender. Most blenders range from 2 speeds to 18 speeds, which provides plenty of options for creating the perfect blend of food.

Blenders: What to Look For

When you look for the best blender for your kitchen, you need a device that has the power to handle most blending tasks. You may want a blender to create drinks, chop ice, heat soup or other food prep. You need to decide what tasks you will use your blender for most frequently and make sure that the blender you choose has the necessary capabilities.

Many of the best kitchen blenders have additional features such as the ability to blend, chop, whip or crush. They can also have an easy-to-clean design and safety features to ensure that the power of the blender does not cause any bodily injury.

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Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives Set


If you have never used high quality kitchen knives before, stop wondering how good they are and give this set a try. You will see that they are amazing even before you make the first cut.

They feel so right that when you hold one of these knives, it feels like an extension of your hand. What differentiate these German-made kitchen knives from other cheaper quality knives are the material, construction and design.

The Best Knife is One That Feels Right

Firstly, the Wusthof Classic knives are made with high carbon, stain-resistant steel, the best kind sworn by many professional chefs. The blade is light but sturdy, and flexes just enough for maneuver.

If you hold any of the knives with two fingers on the bolster where the blade and the handle meets, the knife stays level. That’s because these knives are made with a full tang. The balance of the knives are wonderful and prolonged cutting will not make your wrist suffer. [Read more…]