Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives Set


If you have never used high quality kitchen knives before, stop wondering how good they are and give this set a try. You will see that they are amazing even before you make the first cut.

They feel so right that when you hold one of these knives, it feels like an extension of your hand. What differentiate these German-made kitchen knives from other cheaper quality knives are the material, construction and design.

The Best Knife is One That Feels Right

Firstly, the Wusthof Classic knives are made with high carbon, stain-resistant steel, the best kind sworn by many professional chefs. The blade is light but sturdy, and flexes just enough for maneuver.

If you hold any of the knives with two fingers on the bolster where the blade and the handle meets, the knife stays level. That’s because these knives are made with a full tang. The balance of the knives are wonderful and prolonged cutting will not make your wrist suffer.

Super Sharp and Easy to Reclaim Edge

Many people prefer German knives over Japanese kitchen knives because the steel is softer and the edge is designed to take abuse better, which means they keep their edges longer and are easier to sharpen.

If you’ve never used kitchen knives of this quality before, you might have to watch your fingers! They are very sharp so you must never throw them in the sink. Hand wash them immediately after use, towel dry and store them in the block. Be very careful when you run the towel along the blade!

Proper care will keep your knives sharp and long lasting (people have been using the same set for decades!). To avoid scratches on the blade, use a soft sponge instead of a scrubby.

Wusthof Knives Last A Lifetime

This basic set of five knives, shears, honing steel and block is a good starter for those who haven’t had any knives. The chef knife, utility knife and paring knife are a must for any kitchen.

The bread knife is useful if you need to slice bread or cakes; the kitchen shears are a good addition and they can be taken apart for cleaning, and you need the sharpening steel for the occasional honing. I don’t really use the sandwich knife, but it can be used for carving sometimes.

There are many more slots in the beautiful oak block for later additions, including lower slots for steak knives. If you end up loving Wusthof knives (and you will) and want to get their steak knives, get them from the Classic line to find the same forged quality.

You deserve to have a set of good quality kitchen knives, because think about it, your family wants to enjoy good quality food and you can only cook it well if you have the best tools. Having this Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives Set will motivate you to make better meals!

P.S. Did I mention the lifetime warranty? Enough Said.